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You either don’t watch orphan black or you’re obsessed with orphan black there’s no inbetween


It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.
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You know what’s great? Porn. Porn is fucking great.

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watching your bae talk to the another person 


I don’t want your Sunday best. I don’t want you to dress yourself up and make believe there’s no dirt underneath your fingernails. I want your Monday morning. Your stress served on the side of your coffee, and your insecurities as dark as the liquid. I want the brutal tone in your honesty and compassion. I want you to grab the life out of my eyes with the taste of your tongue dancing in my mouth. I want last night’s taste to be cotton mouth in the morning, and I won’t stop swallowing. I will take it with my pride, and hand my worries over to you on a silver platter and hope you know what do to with them. I want to throw trust at you like knives and to know they will never end up in my back. Because I love you, you idiot. And love is never pretty. But damn, you sure are pretty.
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*checks phone every 10 seconds to see if they messaged you back*

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